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Starlight Chapter 18 is a go!

Okay, so I’ve been having fun (read: not fun at all) with real life for a while and my releases have suffered as a result. Not so great. But I’m back into it now and have a few things going up in the near future, hurrah. First and foremost, chapter 18 of my magical girl work, Starlight, is being published, rest of the chapter will be up really soon! Beyond that, Aida book 2 is coming along nicely at some 50,000 words, and I have a new novella-length work that’s ~halfway done.

And one other fantasy-related work I’m working hard to sort out that will be more of a regular weekly thing. If you’ve played or are aware of the Rune Factory games, you could pretty much call this something similar. Very slice of life-ish, some drama and potentially conflict of an armed nature, and a core cast of likeable and fun characters who’ll be developed over time in small scenes that slot into a larger narrative.

Finally, I’m working hard on a better routine for my writing in order to get content out on more of a regular schedule. It’s kind of a pain when real life gets in the way, but that’s why I’m trying to write a good bit of stuff up front in order that I always have something to publish even if I’ve had my writing time chewed up by something pointless in life.

As always, if you enjoy my works you can support me on Patreon, or you can buy me a coffee (AKA Writer Fuel, Paypal account needed, nothing more). More support means less real life issues (like putting food on the table, lol) to get in the way of writing you more yuri content 🙂

— Yurika

Read Starlight on Movellas.

Description & Euphemism (Writing Yuri)

Potatoes. Not actually a euphemism, don’t worry.

Potatoes. Not actually a euphemism, don’t worry.

English is a flexible language with huge variety in vocab and many, many alternate words you can use to describe things. So go nuts and have fun with it! Euphemism, genteelism, analogy, simile, they all have their place. But also be aware of when not to use them, and when to adjust word choice a little for particular situations.

For example, when I had just started out writing yuri romance I used horrible euphemisms like ‘magic button’ in place of ‘clit’. I was hesitant to use that word, partly because I was still unsure of how explicit I felt like being with my works in general. It’s one of those things that can demonstrate a lack of confidence, and you probably don’t want your writing to come across like that. (more…)

Maintaining Momentum

Ready to write, sah!

I was asked quite a while back how I go about maintaining momentum writing past the 10,000 word mark. For me personally this is a pretty easy question to answer, because I’ve never really struggled to maintain momentum. Quite the reverse, actually… I tend to be way too prolific.

What I do struggle with is keeping my focus on one thing. If I’m in the mood to write something specific I can get 5,000 or more words done in a day, no problem. My personal best is 7,500 in ~12 hours, which ain’t bad at all. But if I don’t feel like it? 1,000 might be a struggle, and chances are I’d give up after 500 words. And what I did write probably wouldn’t be very good. (more…)

My Writing Process

I keep staring at the screen but nothing happens!

Writing, it’s as easy as sitting at your keyboard and bleeding continually until something good happens. I wish that were hyperbole. It really isn’t, though; writing is tough, writing is difficult, writing is occasionally terrifying. But writing is also immensely fun and satisfying if you stick at it. And writing comprises far more than the simple act of sitting at your keyboard and hammering on the keys.

Here, I’ll be sharing a bit of the process behind how I write and what goes into the whole business from start to finish. I’ll keep it reasonably brief, but hopefully you should have some decent idea of how much work actually goes into writing by the end of this post, work that the average reader is rarely privy to. (more…)

Dreaming of the Stars, Volume 1 of Aida: An Idol Romance Published!

Come and get it!

Uh, maybe I should put some more detail in. Yes. Anyway, I’ve just published the free version of my first novel, a lesbian romance work that kicks off an ongoing serial of potentially 10+ books (the next four are already well under way!). This first book introduces the setting, overall style (sci-fi slice of life/romance with various twists depending who I’m focusing on for each major arc), and ~6 of the main girls, plus a nice supporting cast.

If you’re a fan of yuri/lesbian stories and like sci-fi? This could well be for you! Or if you’ve never tried but wouldn’t mind giving it a go, this would be a grand starting place. This version is freely available to read on Movellas (no account needed!), and has no overt ero material; the relationships are mature/sexual in nature, but the sexy scenes themselves are glossed over. This is entirely thanks to Paypal being run by a bunch of backwards idiots, FYI. But if you like romance without overt sexy stuff, this is the version for you, nothing else is missing. 🙂

Not got much of an idea as to what the term ‘idols‘ means? Well, first of all it’s not the American type (yuck…). Aida’s setting is based more on the Japanese concept of idols, you can read a bit about it here: Japanese Idols Wikipedia Page. My setting is heavily based on not only the real world versions of idols, but also on anime like Idolm@ster and Aikatsu (fun fact: Aikatsu is the show that got me into writing and resulted in Aida eventually being given life). So… yeah, if you’ve ever watched or been vaguely interested in those, this is something similar, just with an added focus on girl love.

I’d love to be able to turn this into a show, with music and performances like this, this, this, this, and this (and literally dozens more, lol). But alas, I’m just little ol’ me and I don’t have the resources of Bandai Namco :p Still, this should give you at least a decent picture of what being an idol is all about, though naturally my own take on this culture will be going in some new directions, given the sci-fi setting.

(Side note: If you have seen these shows, especially Aikatsu and IM@S, you’ll know there are episodes with movies the girls in the show have been filming… and you can bet your ass I’ll be doing that! But I’ll be writing them as full works, probably roughly novel-length. Take a look at the first two major goals on my Patreon page for details of the first two planned spin-offs for Aida.)

So now you have some idea of things, head on over to Movellas to have a read, if this sounds interesting: Dreaming of the Stars. Please do share if you enjoy it, and if you’d like to support my writing by making a pledge on Patreon (not sure what this is? Have a look at this video), that’d be fabulously awesome. As things stand, I largely freelance to pay the bills and make sure I can eat, but more support on Patreon means I can devote more time to writing fiction and will need to spend less time freelancing, which is a net win for everyone 🙂 Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

— Yurika